Ten New Varieties Of Pizza From Domino’s

Jubilant Foods’ Domino’s has increased its range of pizzas adding ten new varieties in the vegetarian and non-vegetarian segments withVegetarian-Supreme-Pizza-Dominos no increase in rates.

The vegetarian pizzas include Veg Hawaiian Delight; Spicy Triple Tango; Veggie Paradise, Cloud 9 and Chef’s Veg Wonder. The non-vegetarian variants were Chicken Salami Special; Chicken Hawaiian Twist; Chef’s Chicken Choice, Seventh Heaven and the Chicken Dominator.

The new versions are priced at the same rates as that of regular, medium and large classic hand-tossed pizzas in the existing categories.
The range would be available in all existing crusts, covering Classic Hand-Tossed; Thin Crust, Fresh Pan and Cheese Burst across all sizes.

Commenting on the  refreshed menu, Harneet Singh Rajpal, Vice President- Marketing, Domino’s Pizza India, said that the company has been experimental in terms of consumers’ taste preferences with new crusts and desserts with no changes to the pizza combination offerings.

“This is after a very long time that we are using new toppings and combinations to launch ten new pizzas. The objective is to refresh the pizza menu offering, and make it more exciting for our consumers to continue enjoying Domino’s Pizzas,” he added.

Jubilant FoodWorks, a part of the Jubilant Bhartia group, is one of India’s largest food service companies, with a network of 749 Domino’s Pizza restaurants across 152 cities. Domino’s Pizza operates in India and Sri Lanka. As per a Euro Monitor report, Domino’s is a market leader in the organized pizza market, with a 67 per cent market share in India.

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